ReFi Spring Portugal

May 26th 17:00 - May 29th 14:00

Traditional Dream Factory, Abela, Portugal

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ReFi Spring Portugal

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Bringing regenerative finance and land stewardship together 🌈 26th to 29th of May we will visit the Traditional Dream Factory in Abela and ground ourselves in real Regeneration. Traditional Dream Factory is the ideal space where we can build the bridges between the ReFi scene to land and soil regeneration. Next to the Web3 tech talks to learn what ReFi is for the noobs, and how we can dive deeper for the OGs, we will be applying protocols to real world projects and learning how we can each help grow a movement 🌱 During the event you'll get a chance to connect with peers over an unconference and project presentations from land based projects + #ReFi protocols. Crypto people get to learn about regeneration, and regenerators get to learn about crypto - this is an exchange of gifts. Food is going to be provided by a regenerative, no trash kitchen crew cooking up ingredients from local farms that supporting the health of our soils. Expect to get your hands dirty, your hearts filled and your minds blown. PROGRAM (subject to tweaks): Thursday 26th May: Arrivals from 17.00 Opening Circle Dinner Friday 28th May - Morning Yoga & Breakfast with Coffee sponsored by Ethic Hub Deep Connection Workshop Regenerative Land Tour Lunch - Afternoon: Unconference Dinner & Sauna Saturday 28th - Morning Breakfast with Coffee sponsored by Ethic Hub Keynote: Mark Lieber "Regenerative Ecosystems - What do we need to do?” Keynote: Alan Laubsch "Fostering regeneration through economical systems" Lunch Afternoon: Land stewardship & Web3: - How do ReFi Protocols support land regeneration? Dinner & Sauna Sunday 29th Breakfast with Coffee sponsored by Ethic Hub How can we apply ReFi to our own regenerative projects? From Ownership to Stewardship (Terra Agora) Introduction to OASA & TDF Lunch Connecting & Next Steps 15:00 Guests depart Please note, in terms of expectations: Traditional Dream Factory is a pioneering space - a prototype in progress for what regenerative living can look like. We have waterproof indoor and outdoor canvas tents, with comfy mattresses, duvets, pillows, and clean sheets for the Glampers. There are electrics for a small number of camper van stands, and plenty of space to pitch a tent. Amenities are still basic (private outdoor showers and outdoor dry toilets etc.), so you will get to connect with a regenerative space being built from the ground up. A sauna is available for sessions each night. If you are curious about the space, read more on In regards to travel, there are trains coming from Lisbon to Ermidas do Sado station which is twenty mins away. If you are coming for the full three days we can pick you up on Thursday afternoon and drop you back on Sunday afternoon at the station. We have a handful of tickets for those on a low income. Please contact to enquire.