Fostering Regenerative Finance Communities around the world

ReFi Spring is a series of local in-person events taking place across the globe to support the emergence of Refi communities exploring and developing a new movement arising at the intersection of web3, regenerative finance, and climate action. The Refi Spring team recognizes the immense challenge that humanity faces in the Climate & Ecological Emergency and believes in the potential of the ReFi movement to spark a broad phase shift in civilization over the coming decades.

Refi Spring exists to support local organizers to initiate new place-based hubs of Refi activity through a complete suite of support services that makes it easy for you to enable your community to learn and develop your own understanding and application of Regenerative protocols.

We are creating resources to make it easy for anybody to run a Local ReFi Spring event. Our team will support you through a variety of gifts.

  • 1. Event subsidies through community grants to bootstrap your event
  • 2. A decentralized online ticket sales, event management, and marketing platform to enable you to organize your event seamlessly
  • 3. Marketing support to ensure you find attendees.
  • 4. A suggested Event Framework and Content to support your attendees and your event (pre-event, Event, Post-Event Support)
  • 5. Event and community-building support

We are currently in development mode working towards a full re-launch in July 2022. Sign up here to be the first to hear about this amazing opportunity.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events.